Zeitguys Media was started by two friends, Winston and Khim, as a platform to put into practice our skills and knowledge gained from more than 18 years in the media and marketing communications industry. We want to help businesses to market more effectively, using tools and techniques that are relevant to today’s audience.


The name of our company is derived from the word Zeitgeist which according to the Oxford dictionary, is “The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.”

From our observations, we noticed that many companies were just throwing their marketing dollars down the drain simply because their marketing was not relevant to today’s zeitgeist.

A good example of this comes from a series of meetings we had with a particular local association of travel agents.

We told them that travel agencies were wasting astronomical sums of money advertising in newspapers. Why? The reason is simple. Only a small portion of their potential customers are looking at these press ads. The vast majority of travellers spend their time online and on social media! And that’s where they should be spending their marketing dollars.

We had 5 presentations with this association. We presented first to the most junior executive and with each presentation, we met with the next most senior person. Every person we met loved our ideas. Except for the final meeting where we met the decision maker. His opinion? “We’ve always done our marketing through press ads and so we shouldn’t change that. We will continue to stick to the usual way we do our marketing.”

Well, that’s a good example of marketing in a way that’s not relevant to today’s zeitgeist. They are stuck with using platforms that are backward and ineffective. Over the years, we encountered many instances of companies that were just wasting their marketing dollars when there were alternative platforms that were cheaper and more effective. And that’s where the inspiration for our name came from. Being 2 guys, we took creative license and did a wordplay on the word zeitgeist and ended up with Zeitguys!

And we at Zeitguys Media want to help businesses to market effectively and efficiently by marketing more relevantly to their audience. We want to help businesses to do well, to increase sales. We know that when our goals are aligned with our clients, both parties can only gain.


We are email and content marketing experts with more than 18 years experience in helping our clients to market themselves to their customers.

We offer the full spectrum of email and content marketing services including Design, Editorial, Photography, Videography and Analytics. Some of our clients include Citibank IPB Singapore, Fish & Co., Thales Asia, Vivo Optics as well as Rolls Royce Marine.

We specialise in Content Creation on both print and digital platforms. The bulk of our work is the production of content creatives for our clients’ e-newsletters, e-magazines, EDMs and websites.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are fast becoming essential channels and ‘touchpoints’ for companies and brands to communicate with customers.

Zeitguys Media produces content to help our clients project the right ‘voice’, communicate key brand messages and develop a online relationship with their community.

Further, we help our clients to conceptualise, manage and execute successful social media advertising campaigns for our clients such as premium kidswear online retailer Angelibebe and bottled craft cocktail maker Sunday Punch.

If your company is based in Singapore, we also provide consultancy on how you can utilise government grants to stretch your marketing dollar. We have already successfully helped our clients secure funding from these government grants. Talk to us to see how we can help you start utilising social media as a effective sales channel.


Our first project was SousVideGuys.com. Since discovering the exciting world of sous vide cooking in 2014, we’ve been frustrated by the lack of good content on the internet on this amazing culinary technique. As we were sharing with friends and family our tips on sous vide cooking, we were inspired to create this site so that we would have a platform to easily share our passion; not only with those we know but with the whole world!

Being aspiring home chefs and sous vide enthusiasts, we felt that the sous vide industry needed a definitive and independent online resource. And so SousVideGuys.com was launched at the start of 2015. We hope that sous vide fans will come to see us as their preferred resource for all things sous vide.